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(October 23, 2013)

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Bulletins - Electric

If a bulletin is available online, clicking the link will bring up the text of the document. To obtain copies of bulletins that are not available online, please contact Adam Miller by email at adam.miller@wdc.usda.gov or by phone at (202) 720-8674 (not toll-free).

Bulletin PDF Description
43-9 .pdf "Buy American" Requirement with related Federal Register Notices (7/28/1955) (also available in html)
1717B-2 .pdf Guide for Preparing Financial and Statistical Reports for Electric Distribution Borrowers (2/14/02) (files located on DCS website)
1717B-3 .pdf Guide For Preparing Financial and Statistical Reports For Power Supply Borrowers and Electric Distribution Borrowers with Generating Facilities (5/12/06)
1717M-2 .pdf Sale or Transfer of Capital Assets by Electric Borrower (2/9/05)
1724D-101A .pdf Electric System Long-Range Planning Guide (5/10/95) (Note: Appendix IV does not appear in the copies of the bulletin available on this website. This appendix contains a sample form which is identical to Form 261. This form is available on the Forms page.)
1724D-101B .pdf System Planning Guide, Construction Work Plans (12/18/12)
1724D-103 .pdf System planning guide, system mapping guide (4/12/11)
1724D-104 .pdf Engineering Economics Computer Workbook Procedure (2/3/98) Also available: Economic Analysis Worksheet (.xls format) (This worksheet was revised in July 2007.)
1724D-105 .pdf Rural Distribution System Voltage Conversion Considerations (5/22/09)
1724D-106 .pdf Considerations For Replacing Storm-Damaged Conductors (8/3/10)
1724D-112 .pdf The Application of Capacitors on Rural Electric Systems (4/27/01)
1724D-113 .pdf Voltage Levels on Rural Electric Distribution Systems (5/16/12)
1724E-102 .pdf Design Guide for Sectionalizing Distribution Lines (10/23/2012)
1724E-104 .pdf Reduced Size Neutral Conductors for Overhead Rural Distribution Lines (revised 9/23/1999)
1724E-150 .pdf Unguyed Distribution Poles - Strength Requirements (7/30/03)
1724E-151 .pdf Mechanical Loading on Distribution Crossarms (11/21/02)
1724E-152 .pdf The Mechanics of Overhead Distribution Line Conductors (7/30/03)
1724E-153 .pdf Electric Distribution Line Guys and Anchors (4/25/01)
1724E-154 .pdf Distribution Conductor Clearances and Span Limitations (7/30/03)
1724E-200 .pdf Design Manual for High Voltage Transmission Lines (8/12/09)
1724E-202 .pdf An overview of transmission system studies (2/10/93)
1724E-203 .pdf Guide for upgrading transmission lines (12/28/94)
1724E-204 .pdf Guide Specifications for Steel Single Pole and H-Frame Structures {4/17/08}
1724E-205 .pdf Design guide: Embedment depths for concrete and steel poles (revised 8/22/95)
1724E-206 .pdf Guide Specification for Spun, Prestressed Concrete Poles and Concrete Pole Structures (7/30/08)
1724E-214 .pdf Guide Specification for Standard Class Steel Transmission Poles (2/18/09)
1724E-216 .pdf Guide Specification for Standard Class Spun, Prestressed Concrete Transmission Poles (11/10/09)
1724E-220 .pdf Procurement and Application Guide for Non-Ceramic Composite Insulators, Voltage Class 34.5 kV and Above (3/17/05)
1724E-224 .pdf Electric Transmission Guide Specifications and Drawings for Steel Pole Construction - 34.5 to 230 kV {4/9/07}
1724E-226 .pdf Electric Transmission Guide Specifications and Drawings for Concrete Pole Construction - 34.5 to 230 kV (4/9/07)
1724E-300 .pdf Design Guide for Rural Substations (6/07/01)
1724E-301 .pdf Guide for the Evaluation of Large Power Transformer Losses (3/4/09)
1724E-302 .pdf Design guide - oil spill prevention and control at substations (1/14/08)
1724E-400 .pdf Building plans and specifications (12/8/93)
1726-601 .pdf Electric System Construction Policies and Procedures - Interpretations (7/27/04}
1726C-115 .pdf Checking sag in a conductor using the return wave method (9/24/98)
1726I-602 .pdf Attachments to Electric Program Standard Contract Forms (2/19/04)
1728F-700 .pdf Specification for Wood Poles, Stubs and Anchor Logs (5/20/11)
1728F-800 .pdf Construction Assembly Unit Numbers and Standard Format (12/16/98)
1728F-803 .pdf Specifications and Drawings for 24.9/14.4 kV Line Construction (12/15/98)
1728F-803 Notice .pdf Compliance with Bulletin 50-5 or 1728F-803 (.pfd version of Federal Register Document, also available in .html format.
Additionally, see letter dated March 7, 2001, concerning assembly numbering in (.pdf) or (.html) format.
1728F-804 .pdf Specifications and Drawings for 12.5/7.2 kV Line Construction (4/21/05)
1728F-806 .pdf Specifications and Drawings for Underground Electric Distribution (6/2/00)
1728F-810 .pdf Electric Transmission Specifications and Drawings, 34.5kV Through 69kV (4/9/1999)
1728F-811 .pdf Electric Transmission Specifications and Drawings, 115kV Through 230kV (4/9/1999)
1728H-701 .pdf Specifications for wood crossarms, transmission timbers, and pole keys (6/24/11)
1728H-702 .pdf Specifications for quality control and inspection of timber products (5/30/12)
1730-1 .pdf Electric System Operation and Maintenance (O and M) (4/12/11)
1730A-119 .pdf Interruption Reporting and Service Continuity Objectives for Electric Distribution Systems (3/24/09)
1730B-2 .pdf Guide for Electric System Emergency Restoration Plan (1/7/05) (includes revised page 20 - 3/1/2005)
1730B-121 .pdf Wood Pole Inspection and Maintenance (8/13/13)
1767B-1 .pdf Uniform System of Accounts - Electric Program (9/17/09)
1767B-2 .pdf Work Order Procedures (1/18/1994) (See also January 15, 2002 addendum and June 7, 2007 addendum)
1767B-3 .pdf Preparation and use of the RUS Form 254, Construction Inventory (12/21/1994)
1794A-600 .pdf Guide for Preparing an Environmental Report for Categorically Excluded Projects {12/15/1998}
1794A-601 .pdf Guide for Preparing an Environmental Report for Electric Projects Requiring an Environmental Assessment {revised 12/9/98}
1794A-603 .pdf Scoping Guide for RUS Funded Projects Requiring Environmental Assessments with Scoping and Environmental Impact Statements (2/02)